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Monthly Display - October 2023:


Some Photographs While Out Walking

This month I present 20 photographs that were taken mainly during spring, while out on walks around my local area. I find that much of appreciating my life comes from taking in ‘simple’ observations of a living, breathing, changing world of dynamic nature all around. I do this mainly during walks I go on.


Beautiful colours in the northwestern late evening sky after sunset (Photo 20).


I really enjoy walking in special places that I might have to travel some distance to get to (and only visit occasionally), such as Christies Beach or the Hallett Cove Conservation Park, but walking around my local area also feels special, because it is quick and easy to access, and I know the area well over many seasons. As the seasons change, I have noticed many fine details that I would have only noticed because I have been around these things that I know very well.

I also enjoy taking photographs of some of the things I see as I walk around. Typically, my photographs represent only a fraction of the many things I enjoyed and thought about as I walked.

I know that some important aspects of enjoying the many things that I see around me are not captured in my photographs:

  • the 3-dimensionality we get from viewing things with both of our eyes (synchronised stereo vision provides a very strong spatial understanding of the things we see around us and tells us things such as how close things are, how much space is between things, and how big things are);

  • the complex movements of leaves, grasses, clouds, my viewing points, etc. (experiencing a dynamic world with air, wind, rain, sunshine, shadows and many living organisms);

  • and other sensory stimuli, such as:

    • sounds (many different bird calls, the wind in the trees, rustling leaves nearby, motor cars in the distance, other people made noises, such as radio music, or chain saws);

    • smells (warm grasses, many different flowers, turpentine from various tree saps, various gardening smells, and unexpected cooking smells);

    • the feel of different temperatures, and the combination of the sunlight and the air;

    • the influence of my emotions, my memories, and my understanding of the world around me on the things that I find enjoyable, etc.


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Monthly Display - October 2023 - page 1 (of 11)