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List of Recent Monthly Displays

This Month's Display - June 2023

Pieces Based on Expressing a Concept.

Last Month's Display - May 2023

Recording the Colours and Tones of Sunlit Scenes.

April 2023

My Unique Expressions of Forms and Spaces.

March 2023

My Entries in the 2023 Park Lands Art Prize.

February 2023

A Trip to Black Hill Conservation Park.

January 2023

12 of my Best Pieces.

December 2022

Some 'Recent' Artwork.

November 2022

A Trip To Christies Beach.

October 2022

New Scanned 35mm Film Photographs, taken at Hallett Cove Conservation Park.

September 2022

Some Photographs Entered in a competition titled, “Through the Lens”.

August 2022

Abstract Designs Based On A 4 x 4 Square Grid.

July 2022

Photographs While On Informal Walks.

June 2022

Direct Pastel Studies.

May 2022

Photographs and some artwork from Hallett Cove Conservation Park.



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