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These travel pages contain highlight photographs and short descriptions from various trips my wife and I have made, usually overseas.


Travel to Japan


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Note: These displays should be viewed using a computer screen. The displays in this gallery will traditionally use frames, with a menu/navigation bar down the left of the screen with the main display region to the right of the menu/navigation bar. I hope to eventually convert all of these displays to not use frames, but this will take considerable time.



Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium

Europe 1 (Netherlands, Belgium, in May 1998)

Travel to France, Switzerland and Germany

Europe 2 (France, Switzerland, Germany, in June 1998 - still to come!)

Travel to Greece

Greece (Athens, Spetses, Monemvassia, Tripoli, Athens, in September 2002)

Travel to Italy

Italy (Rome, Perugia, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, in October 2002)

Travel to South Korea

South Korea (Seoul, Busan, Gyeongju, Seoul, in May 2004)

Travel to Japan

Japan (Sapporo, Otaru, Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Nara, Kyoto, in May 2004)


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