Monthly Display - January 2021


Image 13:

A bee visits multiple small flowers that contribute to a larger flower form.





Image 13, Detail:







Image 14:

Another bee visits multiple smaller flowers that are part of a larger overall form.





Image 14, Detail:

The petals show tiny facets reflecting the bright sunlight.






Image 15:

Looking towards the city of Adelaide from Skye, past Knox Spur and several small trees growing on the side of a steep valley.





Image 15, Detail:

Taller trees that are growing close to Knox Terrace. Part of the Adelaide CBD, including the tops of the stands at Adelaide Oval, can be seen in the distance.






Image 16:

A ground abstract composition showing small blue wild flowers, fresh green leaves, and a fallen reddish gum tree leaf.





Image 16, Detail:



Monthly Display - January 2021