Monthly Display - February 2018


The Moon Rising Above the Adelaide Hills

The Moon Rising Above the Adelaide Hills
13.5 cm x 17.5 cm, charcoal on paper.
Date produced: 31st March 2005

This small charcoal drawing feels related to the lunar eclipse, because it was a directly observed recording of the way the moon appeared on a day when I saw the moon clearly. It was produced back on 31st March 2005, at around 9:30 pm (to about 10:10 pm). I drew this image using binoculars from one of the enclosed balconies on our 6th floor apartment at North Adelaide. It was amazing to watch how quickly the moon rose, and the silhouette of the hills provided an excellent reference for seeing this. I got a sense of seeing the smooth, perpetual motion type 'mechanical workings' of the great bodies moving in space.

The moon was seen through some thin layers of cloud, providing some horizontal bands on either side of the bright face.


Detail 1:

The Moon Rising Above the Adelaide Hills - Detail 1




Detail 2:

The Moon Rising Above the Adelaide Hills - Detail 2

The sunlight skimming the edge of the moon showed the surface texture made from many craters very well.

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End of this month's display.


Monthly Display - February 2018