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Some Observations on Life

Some observations on life - Each one of us experiences a unique adventure

Is there a ‘god’?

My brief general beliefs as an atheist

Language is an amazing thing to have

Do I need to know the truth about life and the truth about the world around me?

Some important differences between the views of an atheist and someone with a religious outlook.

How can I be so sure that there is no god?

About beliefs

Writing page 2:
Knowledge and science

Knowledge and Science

Science and Christianity are not compatible

The Facts of Life

Writing page 3:
My beliefs

Monday 11th April 2015, 9:05 am


My Beliefs

Influential Books that I have Read

Proving that the World is not Flat

Some Qualities within our Vision

Writing page 4:
Doing My Artwork

When I am Drawing or Painting

My Attitudes to Producing Artwork

The Main Themes Behind my Paintings and Drawings

About Abstract Images

Entries from my Microcosm project: Drawing and Painting at the Tree:

Why work outdoors?

Dressing for the Weather

My Studio Under the Canopy

The Changing Light

Orientation of the Drawing to the Subject, and to the Sunlight

Using the Right Kind of Stool

Remembering My Sitting Positions

Using a Mahl Stick

Using Charcoal

Needing to Use a Drawing Board with No Cover

Toilet Breaks

Writing page 5:
A Marvellous World!

Looking out to the Hills

At my Favourite Fig Tree

A Marvellous World!

The Free World

Writing page 6:
Boyhood Reminiscences, by Raymond Huggett


Little Boy Lost

My First Train Set

Near Tragedy At Tudibaring

The Air Raid Shelter

The Radio Rascals

Lilli Pilli - Story 1

Lilli Pilli - Story 2

Lilli Pilli - Story 3


Separate Pages:

At the Henley Beach Jetty At the Henley Beach Jetty
Life is a Constant Balance... Life is a Constant Balance...
Flying and Imagination Flying and Imagination
The Little Gnat The Little Gnat
The Window The Window
Ordinary Rocks Ordinary Rocks

Separate Modules:

Yellows and Oranges - At Witton Bluff Yellows and Oranges - At Witton Bluff
Development of a Major Drawing Development of a Major Drawing
A Tool for Generating Perspective Grids A Tool for Generating Perspective Grids

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English Language Classes: My wife's English language classes in the city of Adelaide - the best available by far!