Some personal opinions,
presented in the spirit of free speech:

1) Wikileaks: What a good service to society it has been, providing information about what governments have done. Most of the Wikileaks information I've been made aware of has been about governments of 'so-called' 'democracies' (such as Australia, the United States of America, and England), which are supposed to have elected governments that are there to represent the people. Surely, any government representation of a democracy has to be transparent. It is interesting to see just how how much is done by so-called democratic governments in secret, with terms such as 'in the best interest of the public' being used to prevent public access to information. That is not how a democracy can work.

2) Bradley Manning, who is accused of providing sensitive information to Wikileaks about the US military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, should be congratulated for taking a huge personal risk and making disgraceful episodes public. If the US Department of Defence thinks persecuting whistle blowers is the best course of action, to try to prevent the truth from getting out to the public, maybe they would be better served by carrying out operations that are not disgraceful in the first place. Maybe the world would view the US with more respect, if the US actually behaved in a truly responsible manner. Bradley Manning was not one of the people who took part in the video footage showing the soldiers in the US helicopters killing Iraqis and then making obscene disrespectful comments about what they have just done. Yet Bradley Manning is being held in a military prison awaiting trial. What about the pilots of the US gun-ship who performed those hideous actions? What about those in charge of those pilots? They are the real crooks who should be in prison. Isn't it funny how some parts of the world work?

3) Deciding whether to act to reduce the impacts of human-caused climate change is a 'no-brainer'. It must be done! If you want a peaceful future for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren, then action needs to happen NOW! Everyone on the planet needs to do what they can. Yes, some jobs will go, but different ones can be created. Instead of working in a coal-fired power station, you might be able to manufacture products for a more sustainable lifestyle, such as solar panels, or wind farm turbines. Yes, you can expect to pay more for the services you have been taking for granted for too long (such as electricity supply, water supply, fossil-fuel based products and services), because these have all been provided using unsustainable methods of delivery. The simple fact is that if we continue going about things as we currently are doing, we will use up the resources that are available very quickly. Of course, people with the 'power' to take, will take from those not able to defend their resources (this has been going on for some time already). What you need to ask yourself are questions like, "what kind of society do I want to live in?", "what am I prepared to do to live in a hostile world?"

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