Monthly Display - June 2018





The "Seacat" that runs between Dover and Oostende.

We went for a half day trip to Oostende (East End), which is about 15 minutes (by train) away from Brugge, on the coast. Oostende is a fishing village/town with sea links to England using "Seacats" and hovercraft.

The sea breeze at Oostende was very refreshing.




We walked along a long wooden jetty saw multi-storey buildings built next to the sea going way down the coast.








Some of the fishing boats and nets. This is one of my best photographs from the trip.



Detail 1:




Detail 2:






Some amazing 'floating' figures above a garden.

We came across this sculpture and building while wandering around the town centre.




There is another figure lying down under the water jets.





This is a fabulous gothic church that seems a little extravagant for a community of such a relatively small size.





Looking at the same gothic church, but from one side.





The back of the same gothic church.


End of this month's display.


Monthly Display - June 2018