Monthly Display - August 2018


View of Nelumbo Pond, Adelaide Botanic Gardens

4032 x 3024 pixels, digital photograph.
Taken 12th April 2016, 10:54 am, using ISO 100.

This was an excellent day to visit the Botanic Gardens and I was keen to get some good photographs of some of my favourite corners. I used the Olympus E-30 camera, and saved every photograph as a raw file, but I was still using ISO 100 for all photographs and was yet to use the Adobe Camera Raw program. The image I developed from Olympus Viewer 3 is image no. 1 in the comparison shown below. After I 'discovered' Adobe Camera Raw, I produced the much more satisfying version shown above (image no. 2 in the comparison shown below).

I used ISO 100 for all of my photographs with this camera up to this point, because it resulted in the cleanest images the camera seem to be able to produce (with the least 'noise'). I have since read a review of this camera on Digital Photography Review ( which pointed out that the dynamic range of the camera is better when using ISO 200, rather than ISO 100, and that the camera can be used well up to ISO 800. After that ISO level, the noise in the photographs can become too annoying. Even so, this makes the camera better for low light situations than I had previously thought.


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Lovely subtlety of colour.


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Monthly Display - August 2018