Monthly Display - September 2019



View of Hallett Cove in the Morning
Commercial design seen on a shampoo bottle label.

I was inspired by seeing this design a number of times, while taking showers over several days. It is part of a shampoo bottle label that I had sitting in my shower area. When taking a shower, I often think about things differently. The design, which is just one of hundreds that surrounds me daily on various products, felt appropriate for taking a shower. I also enjoyed the geometry and the precision within the design.

I wanted to produce my own version of this design, to firstly learn from it, and then hopefully experiment with some of the design's concepts. I chose to produce my own version, using the Java-based "Processing 3" development software.



Construction 1:

I started by creating a screen to display my images on, and defining the centre point of the screen as the the centre point of my designs.

I considered that the original design was made up from three series (each series was made up of objects of the same colour). Each series contained the same number of objects (in this case 12) which all had their centres arranged around a circle. I used my understanding of geometry to define each object's centre point, based on the number of objects I used.





Construction 2:

The objects, in this case circles, were then drawn using each of the object's centre points.





Construction 3:

A second series circle was 'drawn', based on a 'proportion of reduction' for the radius of the first series circle. The centres for the second series of objects were calculated in a similar way to the way they were done for the first series. The objects were then drawn from the calculated centres using the same proportion of reduction in radius dimensions. Subsequent series were done in a similar way.




Construction 4:




My Finished Design:

By using a 'lightness value' for the last series drawn, and knowing how many series were going to be drawn, I could calculate a difference in tone to be used for colouring each series.

My recreated design is similar to the original one, apart from the colours. My design uses a similar reduction in size and spacing for each series.





The Developed Program, created using Processing 3:

This is a screen capture of the developed program, with a list of modifiable parameters down the left hand side, and the white drawing screen with resulting figure taking up most of the space. The blue parameter bars are mouse controlled parameters (I simply click on a horizontal position along one of the dark blue bars to set its value). The program redraws the figure immediately, and instantly shows the effects of the change in parameters, such as number of objects, object radius, series spacing %, etc.

Processing 3 allows me to draw several basic geometric shapes to the screen: circles, triangles, and quadrilaterals (shapes with 4 straight sides, like squares and rectangles, but the sides don't need to be at right-angles to each other). Shapes with more than 4 straight sides were drawn using multiple overlapping quadrilateral shapes.





Details of Parameters:

On the left is a detail of the mouse controlled parameters used (I can simply click on a horizontal position along one of the dark blue bars to set its value). On the right is the screen output of all parameters used which is captured along with every screen capture. I save each screen capture as both a PNG file and an SVG (scalable vector graphics) file.

Several parameters have a second bar for applying very fine adjustments to the main parameter values (e.g. "Object Radius" and "Object Radius Adj"). This means that I can fine tune the images to get very accurate constructions.


Monthly Display - September 2019