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The Netherlands:


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Small field of tulips and vegetables within the built-up area of Noordwijk.

We flew to The Netherlands on a Boeing 747 'Jumbo', from Sydney via Singapore. Coming into Schiphol Airport, near Amsterdam, the landscape looked stunning. The ground looked very flat for miles around, and much of it was neatly marked out into rectangular plots with small canals running between them. There was a watery sun that came out just as we approached the airport, and this reflected brilliant golds from the water in the canals between the dull plots.

We caught a train from the airport to Leiden, and then a bus from Leiden to Noordwijk.

Noordwijk, in fact 'Noordwijk Binnen', was our trip's first proper destination. It is a village near the coast in the tulip-growing area of the province of South Holland. Noordwijk is made up of the three close village regions of Noordwijk an Zee (Noordwijk by the sea), Noordwijk Binnen (Noordwijk inland), and Noordwijkerhout (Noordwijk on the outskirts). Noordwijk Binnen is where my wife was born and raised, so it was very interesting for me to see the village from that perspective, but it was also good to meet many of my wife's aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives who still lived in Noordwijk.



A Shop in Noordwijk Binnen (I think it was the Post Office).

I found many of the buildings very interesting and quite different to those in Adelaide or Sydney. Part of the difference is the age of the buildings, and the way they were constructed (in this case from many 'thin' bricks - bricks that were about half the height of bricks used in building houses in Sydney or Adelaide).

There is a nice sense of decoration from the careful use of bricks of two colours, the addition of a round window, several round window elements, and the detail within the surface relief, especially in the patterns running up just away from the roof line.




Classical old brick house, probably several hundred years old.

It is interesting to see the angled brickwork, just under the roof lines. The dark vertical lines are steel caps holding the brickwork under tension, through the depth of the house.




An old brick house, which looks like it has had several elements removed from above the windows. Certainly, it looks strange to have 3 sets of doors on the top floor that led out to no verandah.



Nice compact combination of decorated brick home, bicycle and display of flowers growing on a trellis.




A working farm on the edge of Noordwijk.

One of my wife's Uncles was a highly experienced farmer and tulip bulb grower who had his home in Noordwijk Binnen. He and his wife drove us around the area, showing us a range of interesting farms and tulip fields.




Inside one of the forest regions between Noordwijk Binnen and Noordwijkerhout.




A small lake next to the forest region we were walking through.


Monthly Display - January 2020