Monthly Display - July 2019


Walking to the Top of the Hill

This month’s display is a small selection of photographs taken during several walks up to the top of a local hill. These walks go up to a favourite place, near where I live at Wattle Park in South Australia. This favourite place is on the top of one of the Adelaide Hills, just up from a lookout at the end of Kensington Road, a main road that runs east-west from near the city, out into the foothills of the Adelaide Hills.

I always enjoy walking up to the lookout at the end of Kensington Road. Being quite a steep walk, it is not overly easy, but it isn’t that hard either, and it does feel as if I am getting out into a wilder, more natural environment. There is always a strong feeling of free air, open space, and healthy bird life there. I especially enjoy being up there when the sun is out, but it is the type of place that is good to be at during any weather conditions, or time of the day. It is an excellent place to have access to, so close to home.


Looking Northwest from the top of the hill.

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