Monthly Display - November 2018


A Trip to Hallett Cove Conservation Park

This month’s display is a small selection of photographs taken during one trip (on 26th October 2018) to the Hallett Cove Conservation Park. This conservation park is is a preserved region of natural coastline about 22 km south of Adelaide, with many significant and interesting geological features. A brochure for the park states that it is about 51 hectares in size.


Eroded, curved layers of 600 million year old rocks.

I find that the Hallett Cove Conservation Park is a special place to visit and walk around in. It has been a personal favourite place of mine since I first visited it many years ago.

26th October 2018, 9:30 am:

It is a magical clear, calm, sunny spring morning. I am on my way to the Hallett Cove Conservation Park to:

  1. do a pastel to try to capture accurate colour and light for one particular view (the pastel will then act as a guide for processing the photographs taken at the same view);

  2. take some photographs of the same view to enhance the record taken;

  3. take some photographs of other views in the park;

  4. just enjoy being in the park.

The colours and light this morning feel special.

It would be really good to have a similar place with such a rich set of subjects available close by home, so I wouldn’t need to travel so far and have so much time taken out just travelling. Ah well! I do enjoy the travelling too. It is interesting seeing other people going about their lives, and interesting travelling through the streets, the city and the various landscapes along the way.

Once inside the park, I have psychologically left my previous life and suburbia well behind, and am now in a special environment of immense vitality, native plants and ancient rocky landscapes.

I include photographs of 3 of the posters presented inside the main entrances to the park (produced by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the Government of South Australia), to give a brief idea of the geology and history understood about the region:






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