Monthly Display - March 2019


Some of My ABC TV News Weather Photographs

The nightly ABC TV News program in Adelaide shows a different 'weather section' photograph every night. The weather photographs are presented at the start of the weather details, and are chosen from a collection of photographs that have all been taken and sent in by interested viewers.

The basic selection criteria includes (from their website):

  • digital colour image;

  • landscape format (horizontal rather than vertical);

  • minimum size of 1024 pixels wide and 576 pixels high at 72dpi;

  • a sharp, well focused shot free of excessive graininess;

  • taken in South Australia;

  • of weather, outdoor landscapes or other subjects which may be selected on individual merit;

  • free from advertising and identifiable people;

  • taken by an amateur photographer;

  • of sufficient graphical and editorial merit.

Over the past month, the Adelaide ABC News service has been advertising for more weather photographs to be sent in from interested viewers. I decided to look through some of my photographs for some suitable photographs to send in. I found the challenge an interesting one. The challenge made me look at my photographs with a specific focus, considering how they may be viewed by others in this context.


Detail from "Photograph No. 4 - The Storm Front 1"
Digital photograph.

This month, I present 10 photographs that I thought would be suitable for presenting in the weather section of the ABC TV News. I have actually sent in the first four photographs presented in this display, and as yet have not seen any of those selected for display. If I see one of these chosen, I might send in the remaining 6 photographs for consideration.


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