Monthly Display - January 2018


Walking to the Top of the Hill

This month’s display is a small selection of photographs taken during several walks up to the top of a local hill. These walks are favourite walks up to a place that feels special. Near where I live at Wattle Park is a lookout near the top of one of the Adelaide Hills. It is actually near the end of Kensington Road, a main road that runs east-west from near the city out into the foothills of the Adelaide Hills.

I always enjoy walking up to the lookout. It is handy to my home. Being quite a steep walk, it is not overly easy, but it isn’t that hard either, and it does feel as if I am getting out into a wilder, more natural environment. There is always a strong feeling of free air, open space, and healthy bird life there.


Looking Northwest from the top of the hill.

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