Monthly Display - July 2021

A Selection of Pieces Produced While Living at Glenelg

I lived at Glenelg from January 1988 until July 1992. The main reason for moving to Glenelg was to be closer to where I was going to undertake study (a Bachelor of Education [Secondary Art and Design]) at the Underdale campus of the University of South Australia. Knowing that I was going to be a full-time student for at least four years, I naturally looked for somewhere fairly cheap to rent, that was close to public transport. I found a suitable flat on top of a pizza restaurant at the end of Jetty Road in Glenelg. It was virtually on Moseley Square, close to the beach, close to the tram terminus, and close to the excitement of the general area. It did prove to be an interesting place to live in. For some views of my flat, see View of My Flat, from the Car Park Next Door, and Rio Flats, Glenelg 1, from Gallery 2.

Many of the pieces I produced while living at Glenelg were done as part of my degree. Other pieces were certainly influenced by the things I was doing in my degree. Looking back at that time, I think that I produced some very good and worthwhile artwork then, probably as a result of already having sound skills in producing paintings and drawings outdoors directly from the subjects, combined with the ideas and influences coming in from undertaking my degree, interacting with a variety of people involved in doing the same degree, and also living in a lively place.

Very Important: With the pieces I chose for this month's display, I wanted to show mainly pieces that were produced in one or two sessions of work, produced on-site, directly from the subjects. I now live at Wattle Park. Wattle Park is in the foothills of the Adelaide Hills, and offers an interesting range of landscape elements, and character. There are magnificent tall trees, views out over the Adelaide plains, rock faces in the sides of hills, good areas of native scrub, and housing going up steep sides of the hills. With my current artwork activities, I am wanting to get back to producing pieces that are completed in one or two sessions (like the pieces that are presented here), to get back to my artistic roots, to build up my artistic senses, and hone my skills from the surroundings of Wattle Park.

One of Many

Squiggle Sunset 1
18 cm x 11.5 cm, pastels on acid-free coloured-ground ‘Canson’ paper.

Pieces from the other Galleries which were also produced while living at Glenelg include (use your browser's back button to return to this page):

Street Tree, Glenelg Street Tree, Glenelg
Still-Life with Rubber Tree Leaves Still-Life with Rubber Tree Leaves
Life Drawings using ‘Felt’ lines Life Drawings using ‘Felt’ lines
Reclining Nude from the Back 2 Reclining Nude from the Back 2
Self Portrait Self Portrait
View of My Flat, from the Car Park Next Door View of My Flat, from the Car Park Next Door
Rio Flats, Glenelg 1 Rio Flats, Glenelg 1
Backpackers’ Building, Glenelg Backpackers’ Building, Glenelg
Moseley Square, Glenelg, S.A. Moseley Square, Glenelg, S.A.
Sketch of the Town Hall Tower, Glenelg Sketch of the Town Hall Tower, Glenelg


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