Monthly Display - January 2019


Abstract Images Based On Series of Objects Positioned Around Circles

This month I present 67 abstract images created on the computer using my own programs. All of the programs were developed to produce abstract images from applying several series of objects positioned around circles.


The philosophy behind my abstract images:

The vast majority of music we enjoy is similar to abstract art. We don’t expect to hear mainly recorded sounds of our everyday lives when we listen to music (as we might expect to see mainly recognisable real-world scenes within the visual art we see). We instead expect to hear an emotionally moving composition of relationships (abstract relationships).

For me, there are two basic intentions for creating abstract artwork. One is to explore and play with the relationships of abstract pictorial elements, such as line, colour, shape, direction, texture, tone, gradation, composition, balance, etc., to gain a better understanding of visual communication and emotional connections. The other is to use my understanding of visual elements to pro-actively express a particular idea or emotional situation.

What I’m mainly looking for in my abstract explorations, are pleasing relationships of basic picture elements. These explorations are mostly trial and error sessions, deliberating on, and responding to the various combinations of elements that develop within the overall images. The feelings from my visual understanding and subconscious become important for determining what might “work”, or what might “not work”. I have found computers to be marvellous tools for exploring abstract visual relationships. I can produce many images quickly, and explore different combinations of elements using a medium that doesn't require additional physical materials such as paint, boards, brushes, etc. I can save multiple states of ideas and working, and easily compare and reflect on those saved states afterwards.

About the abstract images in this month's display:

The images in this month's display were saved from software that I developed over the span of several months. Typically, I expanded on the capabilities of the software, added features, fixed bugs in the programming or geometry, etc. The software developed after playing with the software to see what results I could achieve, and also from using my imagination to wonder, "what if I could?".

I enjoy working out how to accurately place and draw geometrical shapes using trigonometry and mathematics. I also enjoy the logic and strategies used in producing a series of programs like those used for creating the images in this month's display.

This selection of images, chosen from about 800 images, have been presented in chronological order.


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