Neil Huggett's Gallery
Monthly Display - September 2021
Set-up for Painting “The Red Apple” The Chair
After Washing Up Looking South-Southwest Towards Glenelg
View from the Henley Beach Jetty Self Portrait in Biro
Sunset Spectacular One of Many
View Through My Screen Door Pigeons Flying
Gum Tree on the Edge of the Oval at Flinders University View of Hove Beach from Below the Aloe Vera Plants
Across the Tops of the Cliffs Weeping Myrtle 7
Little Pine at the Top of the Beach Moreton Bay Fig Growing just in Front of Perth Hospital
The Oval at Minda Home with the Row of Tamarisk Pines Trees in Formation in the Pine Forest at Flinders University
Pine Tree Outside the Cemetery Sunset with Glassy Water
Weeping Myrtle 3 Cliffs of Monemvassia
Under the Tree at Mawson Lakes Fig Tree at Penfold Park
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