Neil Huggett's Gallery
Monthly Display - May 2020
Field of Yellow Flowers Cloud Shapes at Sunset
Soft Colours in the Sky Tamarisks in Early Afternoon Sunlight
View from the Top Path Towards the Beach from Witton Bluff, in the Morning
Sunset with Wide Cloud Bands Middle Headland, Witton Bluff
Cliffs Leading to Witton Bluff Looking North Along Glenelg Beach, Early Morning
Looking Out Across Moseley Square - Windy Afternoon View of Hallett Cove in the Morning
Sunny View from under the Concrete Pathway Grasses on the Banks of the Patawalonga
Sunlit Church, Glenelg Glenelg Jetty in Morning Sunlight
Tamarisks with Distant View of Buildings Old Tamarisk Pines in Afternoon Sunlight
Our Prunus in the Sun Shadows on the Beach
Looking Down South in the Sun Late Afternoon Sunlight on Our Backyard
On the Edge of Austral Park, Linden Park Cedar Tree in Flower, Portrush Road
View from the Top of the Hill Other pieces with a similar theme in the permanent galleries
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