Monthly Display - May 2015


Panorama photographs taken during a trip to Meningie

Meningie is a small country town situated next to Lake Albert (a large freshwater lake that joins Lake Alexandrina and the River Murray), and near The Coorong, a 200km long region of salt water lagoons and sand dunes that are home to many species of water birds.

I wanted to present this display of panorama photographs again. I was very happy with these photographs and the atmosphere contained in this whole presentation.

May 2015: My wife and I have just come back from a one week holiday trip to Meningie. We really enjoy going to Meningie, because it is a quiet and friendly country town, because we can stay right on the bank of the enchanting Lake Albert, and because there are lots of pelicans there, gliding gracefully and silently over the town and lake. We encountered a lot of bird life there, but it is the pelicans that feel special there - something about their large size, their interesting forms, and their graceful flying.


The main photographs presented in this month's display are panoramas, that were taken using an iPhone 5 mobile phone. I took a good camera which I planned to use for most of my photographs there. However, I found the panoramas taken with the iPhone to be more interesting, and they seemed to capture a good sense of place.

I found the panoramas to be very successful photographs, and I enjoyed doing them. I did find them a little difficult to get lined up well, being done by holding and rotating the phone in my suspended hand, and maybe if the phone could be used from a good tripod, that would help the accuracy of the panoramas (especially for panoramas of a large flat body of water such as Lake Albert).

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