Neil Huggett's Gallery
Monthly Display - June 2012
Autumn Breeze View from the Henley Beach Jetty
Beach Grasses in the Breeze Self Portrait in Biro
Sunset Spectacular After Washing Up
Dramatic Sky One of Many
View Through My Screen Door Popcorn
The Nelcebee (Port Adelaide) Aloe Vera Plants above the Beach
Weeping Myrtle 7 Moreton Bay Fig Growing just in Front of Perth Hospital
View (Southwest) of a Path in the Forest View of the Foot-Bridge from the Creek
Weeping Myrtle 5 Cloud Alignments
Cliff Forms from the Beach at Hallett Cove Conservation Park Part of the View From Piazza Italia in Perugia
Wattles by the Lake Australian Native, Lions' Park, Meningie
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