Highlights from Our Trip to Greece

In September and October 2002, my wife and I travelled overseas to Greece and Italy. This display is mainly a collection of my best photos from our trip to Greece.

On Sunday 22nd September, my wife and I took off by plane from Adelaide for Athens, via Singapore. The flight to Singapore was excellent. I had a window seat and enjoyed superb views of Glenelg (just after take-off), and the open deserts of the central Australian region. I got super views of Uluru and the Olgas as we flew past, and noted several fires behind these remarkable features, sending large smoke clouds which formed a flat fuzzy layer at an altitude similar to that which we were flying at (about 10,000 metres, or 37,000 feet high).

Coming into Singapore, we experienced some amazing towers of cumulus cloud, which looked like solid structures of whipped cream, standing in clear late afternoon sunlight. We flew straight past several of these towers, and the spectacle was breathtaking; flying around such huge 3-dimensional organic forms, as they slowly changed their structures. This was exactly how I had always imagined as a child, what it would be like when flying amongst clouds.

After waiting in Singapore airport for about 6 hours, we were back on our way, flying on to Athens. We arrived at about 6:45 in the morning, the next day. We took our time in Athens Airport, before getting on a bus to Syntagma, the city centre. We quickly saw some amazing hills which were just outside the airport area.

Coming into the city centre, it seemed to go on forever, with the buildings slowly getting a bit larger, and the streets getting more and more hectic. After about 85 minutes on the bus, we caught a glimpe of the light grey Parthenon high up through a gap in the buildings. It looked amazing, and we knew we were getting close now.

After arriving in Syntagma, we took a rest in the delightful National Gardens, before going to find some accommodation in Plaka, an old region of Athens next to the Acropolis and most of the other historical attractions.

A quiet street in Plaka:

The streets in Athens were typically narrow and busy, but friendly. I was surprised to find that narrow streets like this one were often marked on our map as being main roads. Generally though, it was easy to find your way around in Athens, and things were easy to walk to.

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