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Gallery 4 - Photographs, Abstracts, more...

This gallery has links to sub-galleries of photographs, abstracts, and other drawings. I intend to expand it over the next few months, to include more sub-galleries. I'll give notice of such changes on this website's news section.

To view the pieces in this gallery, firstly click on a thumbnail for one of the sub-galleries shown in the menu on the left. Each sub-gallery has a link on its own menu for getting back to this main page for Gallery 4.


20th Anniversary of Neil Huggett's Web Gallery Exhibition

I have been operating this web gallery since 1997, so in 2017, it was my 20th Anniversary of operating it. Throughout a large part of those 20 years, I have been presenting changing monthly displays. I have put together around 200 such monthly displays over the years, and for my 20 year anniversary I selected out 12 of those 200 past monthly displays that I feel show a good range of the artwork and ideas I've presented over the years.

I originally put this display together for just August 2017, but because this display is quite substantial, I have added it to Gallery 4.


You can select the displays from the thumbnails presented in the menu, left, or from the following links:


Month and Year

Title of Display


August 2002

While living in Tasmania


August 2004

Life Drawings


October 2006

Abstract Images Using a Computer


February 2007

At ‘the Beach’


April 2008

Artwork Produced While Living at West Beach, Before My First Solo Exhibition


Sept 2008

My Kitchen at Glenelg


June 2012

Drawings Using Biro Pens


April 2014

Recording the Colours and Tones of Sunlit Scenes


January 2015

A Trip to Henley Beach, South Australia


May 2015

Panorama Photographs Taken During a Trip to Meningie


June 2015

Computer Paintings of Hallett Cove Conservation Park


March 2017

New Photographs taken at Hallett Cove Conservation Park