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Gallery 4 - Photographs, Abstracts, more...
Photographs 1
Photos 1
Photographs 2
Photos 2
Photographs 3
Photos 3
3D Photographs
3D Photos
Abstract Pieces 1
Abstracts 1
Abstract Pieces 2
Abstracts 2
Abstract Pieces 3
Abstracts 3
Mandelbrot Abstracts
Mandel-brot Absts
Branching Fractals
Branching Fractals
Other Drawings 1
Other Drwngs 1
Other Microcosm Drawings 2
Microcsm Drwngs 2
20-year Anniversary displays:
While living in Tasmania Life Drawings
Abstract Images Using a Computer At ‘the Beach’
Artwork Produced While Living at West Beach, Before My First Solo Exhibition My Kitchen at Glenelg
Drawings Using ‘Biro’ Pens Recording the Colours and Tones of Sunlit Scenes
A Trip to Henley Beach, South Australia Panorama Photographs Taken During a Trip to Meningie
Computer ‘Paintings’ of Hallett Cove Conservation Park New Photographs taken at Hallett Cove Conservation Park

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