Neil Huggett's Gallery
Gallery 3 - Microcosm Project - One Moreton Bay Fig Tree
Under the Sunlit Canopy Inside the Black, with the Warm Smell of Fermentation
Study with Boughs and Buttress Roots Coming Forward A Map of the Main Lower Boughs (showing the layer underneath)
Near the Bulb (Coloured) The Beast
Moreton Bay Fig Tree, with Bough Passing Overhead Under the Spread - A New Version of My Major Drawing from 20 Years Ago
Magnificent Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Angas Gardens Close to the Heart
Overview with Foliage as Felt Spheroids The Green Pool
The Diagonal Bough Forms and Space Expressed Using Colour 1
Inside the Dome The Orange Tree - Version 2
Study of Forms Like Flowing Lava Shade 2
Abstraction Based on Shapes The Tree as a Processor of Gases
Colour Field Compositions Abstraction Based on Character and Feeling
Typical Branch End Moreton Bay Fig Fruit Composition
Outward View of Two Overhanging Boughs Child-like Drawing of the Tree 2
Long Exposure 0482 Long Exposure 0495
Photograph Series 6 - Duotone Version Photograph Series 8 - Coaxal-Orthographic Projection 1
Other Microcosm Drawings 2

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