Neil Huggett's Gallery
Gallery 2 - Paintings and Drawings 2
View of My Flat, from the Car Park Next Door Rio Flats, Glenelg 1
Backpackers’ Building, Glenelg Moseley Square, Glenelg, S.A.
Sketch of the Town Hall Tower, Glenelg Golden Leaves
The Craftsman The Anguish of Higher Consciousness
The Open Night Sky Our Small Gum Tree in the Wind
‘Copper Bark’ Tree on Brighton Road 1 View Through the Adelaide Hills
Our Big Tree in the Sun Winter Rain
An Old Pine Tree Growing Along the Foreshore Huge Gum Tree in the Botanic Gardens
View Into Our Backyard Row of Tamarisk Pines 2
The Bell Tower at Monemvassia in Greece Temple of Zeus, Athens
Twin View of Poetic Tree The Bee Tree - 2nd View
Small Gum with Metallic Sheen On the Shore of Lake Albert, near the the Town of Meningie
Grand Sylvan Waterways Life’s Ancient Engine
Lake Albert, Meningie, as it was in 2005 Winter Sun, Beckoning

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