Neil Huggett's Gallery
Gallery 1 - Paintings and Drawings 1
The Sun Tamarisks, Almost Sunset
From the Foot-Bridge Through the Forest Form and Space – The Sugar-Berry Tree
Inside the Black, with the Warm Smell of Fermentation Magnificent Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Angas Gardens
The Shoulder The Bridge
Portrait of an Irish-Looking Woman Butterfly
Time Pieces The Artist
Creek at West Beach The Fish
Towards the Hills West Beach in the Morning
Tamarisks, Late Afternoon Seagulls Flying North at Sunset
Looking East, Towards the Hills, After Sunset Outback in the Sun
Inspiration and Serenity Cliffs of Witton Bluff
The Setting Moon Street Tree, Glenelg
Still-Life with Rubber Tree Leaves Life Drawings using ‘Felt’ lines
Reclining Nude from the Back 2 Self Portrait

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