List of Recent Monthly Displays

This Month's Display - August 2018

Improving the Colour Accuracy of My Photographs.

Last Month's Display - July 2018

Some Recent Artwork.

June 2018

Photographs from a Trip to Europe - The Netherlands, and Belgium.

May 2018

Pieces Based on Expressing a Concept.

April 2018

Black Hill Conservation Park.

March 2018

A Selection of Pieces Produced While Living at Glenelg.

February 2018

Lunar Eclipse on 31st January 2018.

January 2018

Walking to the Top of the Hill.

December 2017

Vic-20 Graphics.

November 2017

A portrait, The Linguist.

October 2017

Computer generated Branching Fractals.

August and September 2017

SALA 2017 Exhibition: 20 Year Anniversary of Neil Huggett's Web Gallery.