List of Recent Monthly Displays

This Month's Display - December 2018

Some Recent Copies of 'Recent' Artwork.

Last Month's Display - November 2018

A Trip to Hallett Cove Conservation Park.

October 2018

One oil painting, Under The Sunlit Canopy.

September 2018

Photographs While On Informal Walks.

August 2018

Improving the Colour Accuracy of My Photographs.

July 2018

Some Recent Artwork.

June 2018

Photographs from a Trip to Europe - The Netherlands, and Belgium.

May 2018

Pieces Based on Expressing a Concept.

April 2018

Black Hill Conservation Park.

March 2018

A Selection of Pieces Produced While Living at Glenelg.

February 2018

Lunar Eclipse on 31st January 2018.